Tito Tickets

Macmont Gaming is the exclusive South Australian distributor for Choice Paper - the market leader in TITO Tickets!

Tito Tickets - Choice Paper

A bit on Choice Paper

Choice Paper is the preferred supplier to the Gaming and Hospitality Industry and Australia's largest supplier of thermal TITO Tickets. They are also a preferred supplier to Aristocrat, IGT, Max Gaming, E Cash and supply all the major Casinos including Crown Casino Melbourne & Perth, The Star, Brisbane Treasury, Mindil Beach, The Reef Hotel, and Sky City Adelaide.

Types of TITO Tickets

There are 2 different types of TITO Tickets - coated and uncoated. The coated tickets are the best and they are the only ones Macmont Gaming will be stocking. The coating stops most of the paper dust depositing in printer so there is less jamming, resulting in less maintenance at your end. Less downtime equals more revenue for your venue. The print is much clearer on the coated tickets, so the barcode will be clearer for your scanner to read.

There are only 2 types of coated tickets on the market - Kanzaki and Appleton and they are the Rolls Royce of TITO tickets. They are the only brands approved by Transact Technologies and only brands recommended by ALL machine manufacturers. Appleton is the World's No1 selling TITO Ticket. It is used almost exclusively in North America and used extensively in Europe. Choice Paper is the only supplier in Australia of both Appleton, and Kanzaki tickets.

If required, there is also the option to personalise the TITO Tickets for your venue with your logo and message, which is a great form of advertising. This service is offered with a minimum order required of 84 cartons (12,000 per carton) and a minimum of 12 weeks turnaround time for printed tickets.

How Much?

Macmont Gaming will be offering the following pricing for Top-Coated Thermal TITO Tickets in South Australia:

$12.50 + GST per 1000 = $150 + GST per carton (12,000 tickets)
Size: 65 mm x 156 mm

We will always have stock available for immediate dispatch to South Australian gaming venues.

Ticket Quantity

The ticket quantity in a carton is 30 bundles of 400 tickets (12,000 tickets total per carton). One bundle for each machine is required so you would need at least 1 carton (30 bundles) to fill 30 machines. We also recommend that venues have some spare, so all the remaining tickets would be spare. Once you break into the last carton, we recommend that you place an order to ensure that you never run out of tickets for your venue. 

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