Estar Games

  • Mahajanga

    Game feature highlights:

    • BAOBAB substitutes for all symbols in line wins
    • 3, 4 or 5 scattered DIAMOND triggers 8, 10 or 12 FREE GAMES respectively
    • Credit prizes are awarded when 10 or more gold symbols appear
    • During the free games if 13, 14 or 15 gold symbols appear then the MINI, MAJOR or GRAND jackpots are awarded respectively

    Mahajanga game logoMahajanga game screen

  • Eureka Goldmine 2

    Game feature highlights:

    • NUGGET substitutes for all symbols, except MINE ENTRANCE and DYNAMITE
    • 2 or 3 scattered MINE ENTRANCE triggers 12 FREE GAMES
    • During the FREE GAMES all symbols on reel 3 are replaced by NUGGET and MINE ENTRANCE
    • MINI or MAJOR JACKPOTS or Credit Prizes can be won during the MINE RIDE FEATURE

    Eureka Goldmine 2 game logoEureka Goldmine 2 game screen

  • Cats, Hats & Bats game logoCats, Hats & Bats

    Game feature highlights:

    • During the Bat Splat Feature every HOUSE that appears will release a BAT which will cover that position until the end of the feature.
    • 1 additional BAT spin will be awarded for every KNOCKER that appears in a position not covered by BAT
    • When all positions are covered by BAT or there are no BAT spins remaining the feature ends and the number of BATS on screen will determine the prize awarded
    • No line or scatter combinations are paid during the BAT SPLAT FEATURE

    Cats, Hats & Bats game screen

  • Chomp game logoChomp

    Game feature highlights:

    • 5, 10 or 20 Free Games are triggered by 3 or more scattered CHOMP.
    • Only LION, ELEPHANT, MONKEY, MAN and CHOMP appear during the Free Games.
    • Retrigger of Free Games can occur during the Free Game feature.

    Chomp game screen

  • Deep Sea Dollars

    Game feature highlights:

    • KING OF THE DEEP SEA substitutes for all symbols including scattered PYRAMID.
    • 3 or more scattered PYRAMID triggers 15 Free Games.
    • The more KING OF THE DEEP SEA symbols involved in the trigger the higher the multiplier for Free Games

    Deep Sea Dollars game screenDeep Sea Dollars game screen

  • Drifting Sands machineDrifting Sands

    The Drifting Sands game series has been a phenominal success throughout Australia. This symbol driven stand alone game rewards players with ancient Egyptian riches.

    Game feature highlights:

    • TUT substitutes for all symbols except EYE, RED, HIEROGLYPH and YELLOW HIEROGLYPH.
    • 3 scattered EYE triggers 5 Free Games.
    • A MINI or MAJOR Progressive Jackpot can be won during Free Games

    Drifting Sands game logoDrifting Sands game screen

  • I Ching

    Game feature highlights:

    • 12 free games are triggered by 3 or more scattered GOLD INGOT.
    • The number of COIN appearing on each free game determines the prize multiplier for that game up to X8.
    • Pink Panther Top Hat feature triggered when 2 Pink Paw symbols appear on a line.

    I Ching game screen

  • Kelly Country MachineKelly Country

    Game feature highlights:

    • 6, 9, or 15 Free Games are triggered by 3, 4, or 5 scattered SIGN, respectively.
    • During the Free Games only NED, KOOKABURRA, FLAG, HAT, GUMLEAF, and SIGN appear on the reels.
    • Free Games may be triggered again during the free games.
    • Pink Panther Top Hat feature triggered when 2 Pink Paw symbols appear on a line.

    Kelly Country game logoKelly Country game screen

  • Tenochca

    Game feature highlights:

    • 8 Free Games are triggered by 2 or more scattered PYRAMID.
    • During the free games feature if 1 or more GOLDFACE substitutes in a win the pay for that win is multiplied by 5.
    • In the free games when GREEN MASK appears anywhere on reels 1 and 5 a MASK BONUS prize is awarded.

    Tenochca game screenTenochca game screen

  • Sunset On The Serengeti

    Game feature highlights:

    • 8, 12 and 16 free games are triggered by 3, 4 and 5 scattered GIRAFFE respectively.
    • During the free games some ACE, KING, QUEEN and JACK will display a small LEOPARD, small ELEPHANT or small RHINOCEROS in their top right corner.
    • After each free game, symbols with small LEOPARD, small ELEPHANT or small RHINOCEROS that form a Wild Safari Prize winning combination will change into LEOPARD, ELEPHANT or RHINOCEROS respectively.
    • Wild Safari Prize is paid in addition to the scheduled prize. During free games all wins are doubled except Wild Safari Prize.

    Sunset On The Serengeti game screenSunset On The Serengeti game screen

  • 5 Fortunes game logo5 Fortunes

    Game feature highlights:

    • If "Gold_God" substitutes in a non Gold graphic symbols win then it pays as a corresponding Gold symbol win.
    • 3, 4, or 5 scattered GONG triggers up to 12 Free Games dependant on the number of gold symbols played.
    • A, K, Q, J, 10 and 9 do not appear during Free Games.
    • During the Free Game if one or more Wealth God substitutes in a win the pay for that win is doubled.

    5 Fortunes game screen

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